Happy New Year

I’d like to say a big thank you to everyone who has supported my photography journey, that's what keeps me going... and gets me out of bed at 5am… on some mornings.

I’ve learnt a lot in 2016, it has laid a foundation for me, not only my photography but also my personal life. In regards to my photography, I’ve learnt a lot of skills and techniques in the past 12 months and I’ve been looking at light and composition differently. In regards to my personal life, I’ve taken my health seriously and am embarking on a career change, hopefully in photography. 

I expect 2017 to be a great year and I’ll be utilising my new found skills and techniques in the coming 12 months. I’m hoping to capture some great images so stay tuned. 

I’ve got a bank of new locations I want to visit and other areas I want to explore. I am open to suggestions so if you know of a location that is special to you, I’d love to hear about it.

I hope to shoot a lot more sunrises this year. There’s something a little bit special about that time of day. Whilst they are the same as a sunset (weather dependant of course), the atmosphere is quieter and calmer … and there’s less people getting in your way.

For those of you that want to follow my work, it’ll be here on my website however it will first appear on Instagram and Facebook. Feel free to follow me on Instagram @jarrodmcshane, and Facebook at facebook.com/jarrodmcshanephotography

For those of you that want to follow my journey, that’s what this blog is all about. It will provide an insight to the man behind the lens and I’ll be giving tips and tutorials so those of you with DLSR cameras can grow your skills. I’ll be sharing my views on certain aspects of photos and photography and I’ll even share how I capture certain images. 

For those of you that want to purchase my prints, all my landscapes images you see on my website are for sale, please contact me via email jarrod@jarrodmcshane.com.au and I will provide you with a quote.

I’d like to finish by wishing everyone a fantastic New Year!


Jarrod McShane