Places I'll be visiting with the camera

In this blog I’m going to share some of the locations I’ll be exploring with my camera this year.  Part of the reason I’m doing a blog on this is to hold myself accountable to actually get to these locations. The other reason is to share some cool spots for those of you that want to get out taking photos yourself or for those that want to explore more of Victoria.

Melbourne City

A part of me feels like I’ve photographed Melbourne to death but a part of me knows that there are plenty of compositions that I can make that I looked at. There’s lots of lane ways and hidden gems in Melbourne so I’m going to make an effort to explore these.

Wilsons Promontory

This trip is booked for Easter. I’ve taken the camera there a few years ago but only briefly. With more time up my sleeve, I’ll be exploring the park a lot more this time around. I’m hoping to get a nice sunset from the top of Mt Oberon and some nice sand dune shots at the big drift. I’ll also be exploring Squeaky Beach, Whisky bay and Fairy Cove. 

Mornington Peninsula

I spent a lot of my holidays down the surf coast growing up and never really got to explore the Mornington Peninsula. Having recently discovered this area, I intend on spending more time down there and given my sister lives there, I’ve got someone to show me the cool spots. Some of the places I’ll be exploring are Sorrento, Breakwater Bay, Bay of Islands and Arthurs Seat. I’m also looking for a clear night to head down to Cape Schanck to photograph the Milky Way. I keep an eye out on Space Weather for any possible Auroras and hopefully I’ll be able to head down if there’s a possibility, although I know this one’s a long shot.

Phillip Island

I’ve photographed this once before although it was a few years ago. There’s a couple of shots I want to get down there such as The Pinnacles and the Cat Bay Jetty. I’ll also be exploring Smith’s Beach and the south coast of the island.

Bellarine Peninsula and the Surf Coast

I’ve wanted to get to the Clifton Springs jetty for a while. I know plenty of people have shot this but I wanted a shot of my own, this is the photo attached to this blog. There’s plenty of other places to explore down there as well. I have a shot in mind for the Split Point Lighthouse as well as Teddy’s Lookout. My sister wants to get across to the Port Campbell so I’ll be doing that and Port Fairy has been on my to do list.

High Country

The high country is another area I’ve wanted to explore for a while. I think Bright would be great in Autumn and I’d like to explore Mt Buffalo. I also want to try to capture some snow photos. I’ve tried a couple of times at Mount Buller but haven’t really had enough time during my snowbaording trips to explore it properly enough to get a great photo.

At least one interstate trip

I’d like to make at least one interstate trip this year. I’m not sure where that’s going to be yet. I’ve wanted to do Perth and the South West coast of Australia for a while now but I also think Hobart would be great for some city and landscape photos. I do however have an invitation for the Gold Coast as well as Christchurch so this interstate trip could become a overseas trip. 


Jarrod McShane