About Jarrod

In 2010, while on a trip to San Francisco, I encountered the works of two of America’s great landscape photographers, Rodney Lough Jr and Peter Lik. Experiencing the work of these artists firsthand was a life-changing experience – the grand visions they captured inspired me to start my own photography quest. And two years later, when I returned to the US, I went armed with my very own DSLR camera.

Since then my camera has accompanied me on all my adventures – while watching wolves and bears in the wild, while dragging myself up well before dawn in search of the ultimate sunrise, and while exploring some of the world’s most stunning natural scenery. 

Now it’s hard for me to separate my love of the world’s wild places from my love of photography. Waiting to get that perfect shot is, to me, as much about experiencing the place I’m in as it is about capturing that experience in a photograph.  

Over time, my photography skills have expanded to include everything from home interiors to sport.

My photographs are available for purchase as prints –  contact me for more information.